226 Wellington St, Howick, Auckland

09 534 4662

Excellence in Collision Repair Services

We take pride in the standard of our work and ensure that the job is completed ‘right’ the first time to your personal satisfaction. There is only one way to do it, that is “ the right way” every time, we guarantee all our work.

CarPro Howick is one of Auckland’s premier vehicle accident repairers. Located in Howick, East Auckland, we specialise in the repair of private and company vehicles. Our workshop features state-of-the-art repair equipment, highly skilled tradespeople and significant vehicle repair capacity.

As the longest established panel repair shop in Howick we have earned substantial credibility in the co-ordination of vehicle accident repairs for customers over the past 40 years of operation. Our ability to provide high quality repairs, fast turnaround time and excellent customer service has resulted in numerous ongoing contracts, repeat business and enduring partnership with all major insurers.

Whilst it is completely possible to repair vehicles to manufacturer’s specifications, that is not always the case with people…so please drive carefully.

Give the team at CarPro Howick a call today on 09 534 4662 or pop in and see us at 226 Wellington Street Howick to see how we can help you!


carpro howick
carpro howick
CarPro Howick
226 Wellington Street
Howick, Auckland.
Ph: 09 534 4662 Fax: 09 534 4665